A unique fertilizer for plants that is solely made of recycled organic wastes. It retains soil moisture and boosts plants immunity while providing necessary nutrients to grow them faster, greener and healthier.

Regen vermicompost will ensure the health and nutrient consumption of your plants by holding the moisture and maintaining the pH level of the soil. It contains 60 micronutrients whiling tracing calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphate and potash. With Regen vermicompost a plant does not require any added pesticides as Regen extracts any toxic fungi and bacteria out of the soil making the plants greener and potent.


Regen Vermi Compost 1 KG Pack

৳ 65.00

“Waste to Worth”.
It’s more than just buying the fertilizer. You could save “waste” from going to the landfills which would reduce soil, water and air pollution.
GARBAGEMAN is utilizing “food waste” to produce Regen Vermicompost. Buying 1kg of our vermicompost you are reducing more than 3kgs of wastes from ending up to the landfills.
Grow Plants with a Purpose! A small step today can create GREEN, CLEAN and a BETTER DHAKA tomorrow.


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Weight 1 kg


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