GARBAGEMAN, the first ict tech-based recycling business in Bangladesh, was founded in 2018 with its vision to contribute in creating a Cleaner and Greener Bangladesh by introducing a modern and scientific approach towards an efficient waste management system. Through recycling organic and inorganic waste into reusable products, Garbageman aspires to improve the socioeconomic stance of the system.

Our Amazing Team

“I am an Architect by training, but entrepreneur by choice. After graduation, when I started to take the path as an architect, I was surprised at the difference between what I learned and the reality. At university I mainly studied function, aesthetics and ethics. But the reality was highly different from the architecture I had imagined. To me 'Architecture' is just not about designing buildings or cities, it is also about solving problems within those. Waste management is a huge challenge for cities like Dhaka towards sustainable development. Social business can be an efficient tool to solve the problem. Engaging everyone, we can make our cities clean and better.”

Fahim Uddin Shuvo

CEO, Garbageman

“Working with the GARBAGEMAN team has allowed me to invest my skills and time in promoting Sustainable living.”

Lamia HafizBusiness Development Lead,

I want to be a part of the change with my passion and on-field business knowledge.

Makjanul IslamMarketing Lead

As being a finance professional, it is my pleasure to work with the team to fulfill my responsibilities towards society. 

Fuad HassanFinancial Lead
Our partners are the support system we have to help us grow as a successful social business towards our goal